Our Training
Quality service is critical to maintaining and growing client business in our industry.At VRI, we believe training our staff in every facet of interviewing is the fundamental reason for our success.



TSR Training
Our Telephone Survey representatives follow training methods outlined by industry leaders, including:

      -Complete Customer Care training

      -Employee Standards training


      -Role playing exercises

      -Technical training


Project Control

      -Regularly Scheduled Team meetings

      -Ongoing Project Evaluation










Quality Control

      -Supervisor to staff ratio is 1-10

      -Daily monitoring and coaching ( Depending

        clients specs, 15% of all interviews are


      -Remote monitoring ( Clients are able to listen

       to interviews being conducted via our remote

       monitoring system)

      -Quality call standards ( All staff are trained

       to be polite and professional while accurately

       conducting data collection)

      -Measuring Quality with the Client

      -Preliminary Data Transfer for Client’s review

      -Daily Data Cleansing and Review

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