Some Testimonials


“I am happy to say that I have worked with the staff at Vision Research Inc for over a decade and have found them to be the ones we turn to when “there is no tomorrow”. They always come through for us when we need a project done, now! Vision has fielded hundreds of projects for us and the quality speaks for itself. With the countless phone centers out there who “claim” they can get the job done, VRI is the real deal.”

Zeine Saidi, COO
ProMark Research, Houston, TX

“Vision Research has been our data collection partner for many years and continue to impress. We value their consultative approach to helping identify the best strategies from both methodological and efficiency perspectives. Their interviewers are also well trained, very polite, and have the neutral accents that can sometimes be difficult to find elsewhere.
We have sometimes provided "problem projects" to VRI and they always go above and beyond to meet those challenges. They also have helped us pull off some complex mixed mode projects by acting as a true partner and integrating their systems with ours.
We do not hesitate to recommend Vision Research for skilled and professional market research data collection.”

Paul DesBarres,
President, Nova Insights Inc.

“We have just completed our 86th project together and the experience could not have been any better. VRI helped us get and keep a key customer critical to our business. When ever a #1 in an industry is happy with your work, you have to thank the suppliers that helped get you there. VRI consistently exceeded and meets timelines and deadlines, and their attention to detail helps us make key enhancements that add value for our customers.
For you assistance in helping Maritz become the "go to" research and consulting company in the automotive industry, we thank you!”

Mike Renzoni
Client Services Manager, Maritz CX, Mississauga, ON, Canada

“I’ve been working with Jamie and his team since the beginning. They’ve always demonstrated great professionalism and industry expertise. Regardless of the size of the project they make it a priority and I have no doubt that the success of a project is as important them as it is to me. Whether its tight timelines or tight budgets Vision has always been flexible and comes to the table with solutions. As we all know every project can have unforeseen complications or challenges. Perhaps the thing I value the most about working with Vision is that I never feel like it’s a client-vendor relationship. We are all part of the same team working towards the same goal.”

David Dudka
Director, National Research, Marketing, Eastlink

“Vision Research is an excellent telephone interviewing center that I would recommend strongly to anyone in need of such services. We have used VRI for fast turnaround political type work and the less time sensitive but more demanding business to business type work. They excel at both. It is also nice to deal with a company that understands the value of client services such as getting your reports turned around quickly and just being very responsive to requests.”

Henry Kanter
VP Operations, Opinion Dynamics, Cambridge, MA, USA

“Vision Research has been my only choice for quantitative data collection and recruitment since September 2000 when they opened their doors. I have worked with Doug and Jamie for many years (first project in 1998) and have been more than satisfied with the service they have provided.
The team has always been easy to access and more than accommodating with reports and programming changes on the fly. 90% of projects that VRI conducted for my firm came in under budget. VRI’s staff is highly skilled and have represented my firm and high profile clients in a very professional manner.”

Erard Moore
E. Moore; Associates, Greenwich, CT, USA

“Vision Research has been our field service since 2001. In that time they have fielded a variety of surveys for us. The respondents have ranged from customers of banks to commuters and the questionnaires have contained complicated skip patterns and follow-up questions. VRI’s staff has consistently executed the questionnaires without error. We are extremely happy with VRI’s work.”

Monica Dignam
ASAE/Center for Association Leadership, Washington, DC, USA

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