VRI provides high quality audio and written transcription services in a data secure environment. We customize our solution to meet each of our customer's requirements. Our unique market positioning allows us to offer services at a price point that yields significant savings over current in house and on shore solutions.

VRI Human Resources
Our location and people are VRI’s greatest asset.
Long standing employees are the backbone of our delivery team.
All employees undergo a background check and credit check.
The unemployment rate on PEI allows us to employ a higher skilled resource to ensure a quality product.
Partnerships with the province of PEI and educational institutes in hand with customized training, ensures quality team members to support our growth.

The Process

Step 1: Recorded Statement Receipt Step 2: Job set up and Acknowledgement Receipt Confirmation Email Sent Step 3: Transcription of File Step 4: QA Review Step 5: Delivery of Transcribed file To Customer

Assignment Workflow

We offer several secure ways to send and receive data from our customers.
We work with you to customize our solution to meet your security needs.

Assignment Submission and Delivery Options
• Encrypted email
• Secure FTP
• Encrypted zip files (WinZip, PGP)
• Restricted access to customer systems

We follow a client defined protocols for deletion of all customer data

Quality Assurance

We build in quality reviews directly into our process and align incentive programs with associates towards that goal.

Assignments go through a secondary quality assurance step
• Assessment of pages transcribed vs recorded time
• Continuity review to ensure transcription complete
• Section sampling

A portion of each associates salary is set aside in a “quality reserve” which is released monthly based upon performance

Quality guaranteed!

Cycle Time Management
We build in quality reviews directly into our process and align incentive programs with associates towards that goal.

• We work with our customers to understand their submission pattern and look to compress cycle time further over the course of the program.
• Expedited requests will be accommodated on a case by case basis.
• A portion of our work is for outbound programs offering resource flexibility for spikes of recorded transcriptions.
• Add a business day for files over 8 hours.

Why Choose VRI?

• Great track record servicing customers of well known institutions.
• Most competitive pricing for native English speaking translation service.
• Flexible partner who customizes its process for your firm’s needs.

Accuracy isn’t just a goal…it is our promise!